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My Approach To Reviving Vitamins For Woman’s Cold Email Subscribers

margaret etudo

About Vitamins For Woman

Vitamins For Woman is a health blog dedicated to helping women learn about all the aspects of vitamins, supplements, and nutritional advice. 


With a goal to empower women to make informed decisions for their health, they simplify the complex world of women’s vitamins and supplements with clear, expert-reviewed information that puts their readers first. 


Whatever a woman’s health goals are, their mission is to support, guide, and empower them to take charge of their well-being and overall health.

The Project


As an email marketer, my goal was to get their email subscribers to open and engage with emails sent, and click on affiliate links which will lead to conversions for Vitamin For Woman, ultimately giving them a vibrant list of subscribers. 

target audience

The targeted audience for this email list is women who want reliable information on vitamins, supplements, and nutrition. Although not limited to women, men can also subscribe to learn about the health of the women in their lives.

the challenge

The core concept of building an email list is to get your subscribers to actively engage and interact with your content and this was a challenge for Vitamins for Woman. The challenge was also to make their email audience open the newsletter and take action when needed to build a community of active subscribers.

My Approach to the Problem

So, how did I use my skills as an email marketer to revive Vitamins for Woman’s cold email list? Let me walk you through!

Identify Cold Subscribers

To get the subscribers on the email list excited about their content again, I started by identifying those who haven’t been engaging. Using email analytics, I can see those who haven’t opened or clicked on an email in a specific time frame, probably 3-6 months for instance. 

Once that is done, they are segmented and will receive targeted emails to make them get interested again. This content would be something relevant to them and it’s to make them feel the newsletter is something they should look forward to engaging.

Personalized Subject Lines

Since the goal is to grab the attention of our subscribers, I started using subject lines that really speak to them. Instead of using generic subject lines, I use their first names, interests, and personalized topics to make the emails stand out in their inboxes. 

Personalizing the first thing they see before they open the email will make them curious and open the newsletter, it’s the first step to get them to start engaging with the emails. 

See an example of that here: 

Use Surveys and Segmentation Strategies

One thing you don’t want to do when reviving a cold email list is guesswork! You can ask your audience questions and that’s where this approach works.

I wanted to understand why some of the subscribers had gone quiet, so I sent them a short survey to get their feedback asking them why they became inactive and what content they would like to see from the newsletter in the future. 

This helped me group them based on their interests, so I could start sending them more relevant content based on that data. I also encouraged them to reply to the mail with topics they want to see more of and deliver on it by including it in the next email.

Ongoing Engagement Strategies

You don’t revive a cold email list and go to sleep again, let’s get into how I’m able to sustain engagement for the email list. 

Removing Unresponsive Subscribers

I regularly review the email list to remove subscribers who haven’t responded in a while. This quarterly “cleanse” helps us maintain good email deliverability rates and ensures that our content is being seen by people who truly want to receive it.

I regularly review the email list to remove subscribers who haven’t responded in a while. This quarterly “cleanse” helps us maintain good email deliverability rates and ensures that our content is being seen by people who truly want to receive it.

Feedback Loop

One thing that can’t be taken for granted in keeping your email audience engaged is seeking feedback. 

I’m regularly seeking feedback in each mail to understand what the audience likes and dislikes and adjust the email marketing content strategy accordingly.

Authority Building

Another important engagement strategy is to use expert opinion to build authority for the newsletters. There’s a higher chance you’ll likely listen to a medical professional about health-related issues than a marketer with no professional health background. 

Incorporating expert intake into the email content encourages them to read the emails like it’s from their doctor or pharmacist.

The Results of All of these?

Take a look at the analytics from one of the newsletters after this approach to solving the challenge of Vitamins For Woman.

Wondering How I Can Help?

If  you want these same results for your health website leading to:

  • Increased MRR via affiliate marketing
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Specific audience actions 

Then I’m glad to inform you that I’m here to make that happen. 

health writer,  and medical reviewer

margaret etudo

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