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How I Helped Vitamins For Woman Reach Over 5,000 People in 28 days with Organic Content on Facebook

margaret etudo

About Vitamins For Woman

Vitamins For Woman is a health blog dedicated to helping women learn about all the aspects of vitamins, supplements, and nutritional advice. 

With a goal to empower women to make informed decisions for their health, they simplify the complex world of women’s vitamins and supplements with clear, expert-reviewed information that puts their readers first. 

Whatever a woman’s health goals are, their mission is to support, guide, and empower them to take charge of their well-being and overall health.

The Project


Vitamins for Woman was looking to drive more traffic to their blog site and show their content to ideal customers which can persuade them to take desired actions like heading to the blog to read and subscribing to the newsletter. 

target audience

The main target audience is women who are seeking reliable information on vitamins, supplements, and nutrition. Although it’s also for everyone who wants to learn about female health. 

the challenge

The challenge here was to get the right audience to consume Vitamins For Woman blog and newsletter content and ultimately increase web traffic. What I needed to do was to find a solution to reach our targeted readers and make them visit the website from the Facebook page.

My Approach to the Problem

Identify The Target Audience

We wanted to make our Facebook page a hub for connecting with our target audience — women from their mid-20s to late 50s  — who are interested in women’s vitamins and supplements. From research, I identified that this demographic is most active on social media and can easily navigate our content, which is segmented into easily digestible topics.

But I didn’t stop there, I took a step further to strengthen our strategy by finding and joining Facebook groups where our target audience hangs out. 

Actively engaging in these groups like being able to answer questions and provide value through comments was able to increase our visibility.

Keyword Research

I also did my homework on keyword research to understand what terms and phrases our target audience can use when searching for content related to women’s vitamins and supplements.

Like what you can see in the screenshot below, it’s possible a woman looking for information about “prenatal vitamins” searches the keyword itself.

Proper usage of the keyword in our Facebook post would be able to attract the right people to our page and direct them to more valuable information and resources on the blog and they might even buy using our affiliate links. 

Distributed content at multiple times of the day

I also found that distributing our content multiple times throughout the day will help us reach more people on our Facebook page.

Looking keenly at it — our goal is to reach our audience regardless of their different time zones, schedules and routines. By posting multiple times, we can reach those who are online and active during their morning coffee break, their lunch hour, or their evening wind-down.

This approach helped us increase our reach significantly. For example, if we have a blog content post coming up later in the afternoon, we can post a simple graphic as a teaser for the article and then send the article in after it.

Something like this:

Monitoring and Optimizing Content

Analytics: And yet again, monitoring our metrics comes in. I look at key metrics such as post reach, engagement, page likes, and page followers to understand what works and what doesn’t to tweak the social media strategy.

For example, if we notice that our video content is driving more engagement than our image posts, using more videos won’t be a bad idea.

I also tried different kinds of content to ensure our target audience wasn’t bored out by just health facts and links. I added educational content to teach a new topic daily and increase the brand authority

And entertaining content using relatable videos and memes to get the audience to feel relaxed and comfortable with the Vitamins For Woman brand


Now to the results of my approach:

After a month we were able to get the Vitamins for Woman Facebook page to grow to 44 followers 19 page likes from 0 followers and we had a 6000% increment in impressions with posting content and strategic engagement.

Here’s the evidence that we engaged so well with other thriving health brands as we were able to earn a top badge for top brands like Parents and Wellness Mama.

This is a big win because these brands have good followership and domain authority, so getting recognised by them would get us to also leverage their existing followership to reach more of our target audience.

Wondering How I Can Help?

If  you want these same results for your health website leading to:

  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Specific audience actions 

Then I’m glad to inform you that I’m here to make that happen. 

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margaret etudo

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