My Strategy On Helping Verywell Health Rank For A Keyword with 64 KD and 8K MSV


case study margaret etudo   Company name: Verywell Health Use Case: Health and wellness website focusing on various health topics to promote well-informed health decisions. Role: Medical Writer About Verywell Health Verywell Health is an award-winning resource for credible, fact-based, and up-to-date information you need to confidently make health choices for yourself and your loved ones. For more than 20 years of being dedicated to empowering people with the best answers to pressing questions, from understanding infectious diseases to managing a new diagnosis and everything in between. Their team of writers and editors is made up of industry experts and health journalists who create and update their  22,000+ article library and research and report vital health and medical news. The Project Objective To help the readers recognize the potential benefits of a Wood’s lamp exam for diagnosing skin and hair concerns, encouraging them to discuss this option with a healthcare professional for a more informed approach to their health. target audience The content was written for individuals experiencing symptoms and seeking information on diagnostic options, patients already undergoing treatment and health-conscious people interested in learning more about skin and hair health. the challenge The keyword for the article was more than 60% making it difficult to rank for. The challenge here was to create authentic content for the reader and still ensure the article stays optimized for search engines. Finding the balance between helpful content and optimized content became a necessity for writing this article. Analyzing The Problem Reviewing the existing content available both from competitors to research The key to writing content that’s different from every other one on the SERP is reviewing and analyzing existing content from competitors. My approach to ensuring every article isn’t just a rehash of what already exists is that I bring a unique perspective to my reader and find the differentiator for the article. My writing runs deep on analysis and this is not an exception for Verywell Health. Defining The Content Gap This brings me to the content gap analysis. I dig deep into the other ranking blog articles for my target keywords “woods lamp” and “wood lamp test” to see what content quality and depth already exists. For this keyword, I found out there were H2s that other articles didn’t include and would be helpful for the reader, and I made sure to include it. Another important strategy that helped me rank on SERP 1 for this difficult keyword was including FAQs. The target reader needs information and I took advantage of this to include important questions my readers might have even after reading the piece or just skimming through. Constructing a winner Content Strategy as the key solution No content will live to its fullest potential without a strategy in place, especially for high search volume keywords. It’s not just enough to string words together. Here are some of the things I did to make sure this article stood out as a top-of-funnel content piece, answering readers’ questions and ultimately providing solutions to their challenges. Authority Building and Storytelling Technique I made sure to build the authority of what the blog article was saying with scientific proof and also explained tricky terms in simple language. One thing readers love is simple and clear-cut information and I went through a great length to simplify the article, making it more relatable. There were also pronunciations attached to some medical terms in the article, this made the article different in a good way and also a form of storytelling for readers to connect more easily to the topic. Keyword Research and SEO Strategy I did my homework on keywords, using a mix of short and long-tail terms that people search for. This strategy paid off, helping the article rank and also attracting the right audience to read the content. Another SEO strategy I used here was internal linking. When I wrote this article, I wanted to make sure readers could easily explore related topics and find more value from our website. That’s where internal linking comes in. I intentionally linked to other relevant articles on Verywell Health, creating a pathway for our readers to spend more time on the website and stay in the loop of fresh information and resources released. SEO Optimization Ranking for the keyword “wood’s lamp test” is hitting the jackpot because of the keyword difficulty. With 8% of the monthly search volume directed to Verywell Health, this organic traffic wasn’t just a vanity metric, but it represents how helpful the blog article was to the reader and this is possible because of the user-centric approach I took to writing the article. Furthermore, ranking this piece also helped position Verywell Health as an authority in the health and wellness space catering to people who are actively seeking information on Wood’s lamp exam and other health topics. Engaging and Educational Content When I set out to create content that resonates, I knew I had to strike the perfect balance between engagement and education. My goal was to write an article that wouldn’t just inform readers about Wood’s lamp exam and keep them hooked from start to finish. To achieve this, I added pullouts, which summarized the main points in bite-sized chunks, making it easy for readers to scan and understand. I also made sure my content was organized and easy to follow. The subheadings were clear and my paragraphs were concise, and straight to the point, to avoid overwhelming readers with too much information at once. Highlight on project i did Baby’s Yeast Infection: Diaper, Neck, or Mouth Treatment rank #1 “Can cornstarch help a yeast infection” rank #1 “Can cornstarch help yeast infection“ rank #1 “will cornstarch help yeast infection” How do you know if you have allergies? Rank #1 “how to know if you have allergies” rank #1 “do you have allergies” rank #1 “how can I tell if I have allergies” Why You Can’t Hear in Some Situations Rank #1 “what is hidden hearing loss” rank #1