Medical Writing

Breaking down scientific complexities into understandable bits of information. I ensure that every creative idea is communicated perfectly to both professional medical practitioners and patients.

Our Areas Of Expertise

News Features

Develops compelling, in-depth stories that delve beyond the headlines, to captivate and inform your readers about specific issues.

Blog Post

Writes short and long-form explanatory content to cover certain keywords that target your ideal audience.

Content Management

Oversees the creation, and publication of informative and accurate health-related materials, ensuring alignment with the audience’s needs.

Email Copywriting

Nurtures your readers to eventually buy from your health website with persuasive content specifically for email marketing campaigns.

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UTI: Symptoms And Treatments

Occurring in up to 60% of women, urinary tract infections (UTIs) occur in the urinary system, typically in the bladder or urethra, although more serious UTI infections involve the kidneys

What Is A Calcified

First trimester gone, the second trimester gone, and now you’re in the final lap. Everything seems alright until you start feeling funny in your womb.

Shingles causes a painful skin rash with fluid-filled blisters that usually affects the skin on the torso or face. However, it can develop inside the mouth. This is called oral shingles. Shingles is a viral infection that develops due to the varicella-zoster virus, the same virus that causes chicken pox.

How A Simple Text Message Program Can Help Save People With COVID-19

Nearly 2 years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is still dealing with tens of thousands of COVID-19 cases every day.


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Margaret is a brilliant writer, asks incredible questions in interviews, and is so great to work with, I’ve worked with her on two articles, and both times, she made it easy and fun. Definitely recommend work with her.

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Margaret has a wide range of abilities as a person and a writer. Over the last year, she’s written ten articles for us and made the whole process a breeze. She’s a total pro!

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