What if your health brand could?

Become a trusted resource in the industry, positioning you in front of warm leads


All possible using content

Here’s a snippet of content that ranked as a featured snippet for a keyword with 89% difficulty


But this is not the same old content

Regurgitating or combining blog posts that rank on google isn’t a strategy to build authority for your health brand.

How I ranked position 5 for an article with a keyword that receives 10,000 monthly search volume


This is patient-focused articles

“Connect with your audience through stories people love.” –Shafqat Islam

Articles that are user focused

Writing stories that meet the intent of each visitor that lands on your blog is the first step to building authority as a health brand.

Articles that are fact checked

Meet the basic EEAT guidelines by ensuring your content links to recent findings. Even better, let a professional write and review them for you.

Articles that community driven

Make your blog a safe space for people with various health conditions. Create content that makes them realize they’re not alone.


The decision makers within the health field love these stories, and you will too

Margaret is a very skilled medical writer with a compelling growth potential. I've had the privilege of reading some of her content and I must acknowledge the expertise she demonstrates in scripting well researched and thought out medical content for her various clients. It's not everyday that you get to work with someone who has a rare combination of talent and hardwork as seen in her personal branding and consistency. If you are looking to work with a Medical writer, search no further. Margaret will deliver an excellent work for you.

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Are you ready to publish articles that address key health concerns?

Awesome, here’s my process.

Outline Creation



Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. I have had commensurate experience in delegating work within teams so that the ultimate marketing goal is achieved.

No. I handle all client work by myself. However, if there is any need for an external expert to weigh in on some areas, I will let you know and get your consent.

I am open to working long term with clients as I believe that is a more efficient way to achieve your marketing goal.

Once you book a spot with me, I’ll send you a confirmation email. On the call, we would discuss all that you need me to do.

I’ll then go ahead to suggest the steps I’ll take to ensure you achieve your goal. If your desires are different from my available services then I’ll refer you to an expert in that area.

The verdict

If you are still unsure, then this is for you

The average cost for a healthcare lead is $286. Spend less with content.