What if your health brand could?

Become a trusted resource in the industry, positioning you in front of warm leads.


All possible using content

Here’s a snippet of a brand that I helped target more than 50% of its ideal demographic within 30 days of managing the Pinterest account.


But this is not the regular email copy

Using AI-generated content or copy that lacks storytelling fails to stop the scroll let alone generate leads for your health brand.

How I Helped This Health Brand Reach Over 27,000 People with Organic Content on Facebook


This is relatable ‘n’ engaging content

 “63% of social media marketers say relatable content is the most effective for their brand” –Hubspot

Content that is relatable

Turning long, boring journals to bite-sized content that help your audience retain key information effortlessly. They want nothing more than to share such goodness with their tribe.

Content that drives leads to other channels

Grow your fan base, email list and web traffic all with content that has clear call-to-actions infused in the copy and caption ensuring that viewers do one thing: take action.

Content that can be re-used

Spend less time thinking of new ideas and create multiple posts from one single content. If it did well as a carousel, make it into a reel and run that as an ad.


The decision makers within the Sales and Marketing department loved collaborating with me on their social media strategy, and you will too


Are you ready to create content that address key health concerns in your niche?

Awesome, here’s my process.

Strategy Development

Media Creation

Growth Marketing

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. I have had commensurate experience in delegating work within teams so that the ultimate marketing goal is achieved.

No. I handle all client work by myself. However, if there is any need for an external expert to weigh in on some areas, I will let you know and get your consent.

I am open to working long term with clients as I believe that is a more efficient way to achieve your marketing goal.

Once you book a spot with me, I’ll send you a confirmation email. On the call, we would discuss all that you need me to do.

I’ll then go ahead to suggest the steps I’ll take to ensure you achieve your goal. If your desires are different from my available services then I’ll refer you to an expert in that area.

The verdict

If you are still unsure, then know this

If you make customers happy on the internet they can each tell 6000 friends. Imagine what that means for you.